I Hate My Skin

This is a common refrain amongst acne sufferers. You will try your best to look after your skin and all of a sudden it just breaks out – and usually at the most inopportune moments as well. Skin really has no sense of proper timing.

We get upset with the skin and try to show it who is boss – it then decides to up the ante and the skin starts looking worse and worse. Here is the solution to acne woes to stop the cycle.

As most seasoned generals will tell you, you want to win the battle without causing much damage to the infrastructure as far as possible.

The same holds in this instance – the acne needs to be rooted out without harm to the skin underneath. This needs some careful maneuvering or it is not going to work.

Start off by lulling your acne into a false sense of complacency – halt hostilities and gently clean no more than two times a day.

We are proceeding gently here – this is necessary if you want to calm the skin down. You do not want it angry and annoyed – too much attention can do that.

With skin, less is usually more – the less friction, the less likely there is to be an overproduction of the skin’s natural oils. Hold off and work smarter.

Acne prone skin is ultra-sensitive, the slightest problem can set it off. Be sure that this is not what is happening here or you are fighting a losing battle.

By working with your skin, you will find the results a lot more to your liking than if you are constantly at odds with it.

All the skin has to do is to up the production of natural oils to counteract the drying impact of the skin care products and create more problems.

You need to keep ahead of the skin and be more clever. Gentler natural products that activate the skin’s regulatory responses in the right way are called for.

You do not want tight, dry skin. It is very aging and no good for acne. Should you decide to use an atringent, make sure that it suits your skin type. Avoid if at all possible – most toners are superfluous.